Resident Services

We are seeking a compassionate and detail-oriented individual to join our team as a Personal Care Assistant. In this role, you will be responsible for providing exceptional care and support to our residents. This includes assisting with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and meals according to individual service plans. You will engage residents in meaningful conversations, observe and report any changes in their condition, and ensure their living spaces are clean and comfortable. Additionally, you will encourage participation in activities and outings, attend team meetings and training sessions, and uphold residents’ rights and company policies. Your reliable attendance and dedication to enhancing residents’ quality of life will be key in this rewarding position. Read More
As a Medication Technician you will ensure the safe and accurate administration of medication in accordance with regulations, physician orders, and our community’s policies. Your attention to detail will shine as you maintain medication supplies and refill prescriptions promptly. Upholding our medication-related policies and procedures, including precise documentation, will be essential. Conducting regular audits and promptly addressing concerns will contribute to our residents’ well-being. Additionally, you will provide valuable support in resident care, assisting with daily activities and adhering to individual service plans. By attending team meetings and training sessions, upholding residents’ rights, and embodying our company’s values, you will contribute to a positive and supportive environment. Your consistent presence and commitment to excellence will make a meaningful impact on our residents’ lives. Read More

Dining Services

As a Dietary Aid you will be an integral part of our mission to provide exceptional care and support to our residents. In this role, you will embody our organization’s values through positive communication and leadership, nurturing strong relationships with residents, families, and fellow associates. Your flexibility and proactive approach will contribute to the collaborative spirit of our team. You’ll assist cooks in food preparation, ensuring a smooth transition for the next day’s service. Your dedication to cleanliness will shine as you maintain a hygienic work environment by sanitizing dishes, cleaning equipment, and organizing stock. You’ll adapt to changes and embrace added responsibilities while upholding our community’s policies and procedures. Your versatility will extend to various areas within the department, showcasing your commitment to excellence. Your presence and attention to detail will greatly enhance the dining experience for our residents and contribute to the positive culture of our community. Read More

What Does Working for Oakdale Heights Look Like?

Ask Yourself…
Am I motivated to share our passion to provide a truly exceptional level of care and service to our residents?

Do I find personal fulfillment in providing genuine hospitality and caring concern to our senior population?

Am I looking for a supportive place to work that provides training programs and supervisors looking out for my success?

If you answered “Yes!” to those questions, we will be a great fit for you!


We look forward to hearing from you, taking time to get to know you, and hopefully getting to call you the newest member of our Oakdale Heights family!