7 Tips for Seniors on Staying Active

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is crucial at any age, but it is especially important for older adults and seniors in retirement in order to improve health and well-being. Daily exercise has health benefits, ranging from bone health and blood pressure improvement to lowering the risk of diabetes and supporting neurocognitive function.

It is critical to stay active as you age, and it is common for older adults to lose strength and balance, which can lead to falls. In fact, one in every four older adults reports falling each year. Healing from an injury can take longer for some seniors. Sedentism, combined with a lack of regular exercise and active movement, can lead to more frequent falls, injuries, and pains.

But don’t think you have to go to the gym every day to lift weights. While focused physical exercise is an excellent way to stay active as a senior, it is not the only way to live an active senior lifestyle. Many senior living communities provide fun activities tailored to your abilities throughout the week to keep you living your best life.

Here are seven great tips to help you live a healthy and active senior lifestyle:


7 Tips for Keeping an Active Lifestyle as a Senior


Workout classes/groups

What better way to spend your golden years than working out? Many senior living communities offer a variety of fitness and exercise classes, such as tai chi, training, and walking groups. We work with the Lenity community. Classes and groups are scheduled on a regular basis. Communities make it simple to sign up and get to work while meeting new people.



Swimming is an excellent exercise for active older adults because it is one of the best exercises available. The resistance of the water forces you to use your entire body, keeps your heart rate elevated, and aids in the development of endurance. There are many lenity communities with swimming pools on the grounds, but if there isn’t one, ask your community team members if there are any nearby recreation centers you could use.


Senior clubs

Staying active in retirement does not have to be limited to weight lifting and cardio. Many activities are available in senior living communities such as Lenity, including clubs, which are a great way to have fun both on and off your feet. Bring out your inner thespian by joining theater groups or leading lively discussions at book clubs. Men’s and women’s clubs, tea time, and game clubs are examples of social clubs. Each community has different activities, but you’re sure to find a club that you’ll enjoy going to.


Classes For older adults

If you enjoy learning, enrolling in a class at your senior living community is a great way to stay active. Poetry writing and charcoal sketching are two examples of classes, as are learning a new language and dancing. Classes, which have set times each week, can be a great workout for your mind, body, and soul. Check the monthly activities calendar in your community to see what classes are available, or contact your lifestyle 360 directors for more information.


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